Currently there are a few issues getting distributable builds of the macOS versions built.
The issues with each version are a bit different, and troubleshooting some of the issues has been time consuming and needs feedback from the community. As of right now the latest known working distributable build is 4.0.3 linked below. Currently, the other version are on 4.1.0 and working towards 4.1.1. The 4.1.x versions work on macOS but the distribution of the application packages has not went well to date.

As such it is recommended for users to build the 4.1.x versions themselves by following the instructions at one of the following links:

Alternatively, users may continue to use the 4.0.3 version, however the project is no longer taking bug reports on this version. Many of the issues reported have been fixed for some time, and the duplicates are only creating more noise in the issues list.

Latest Known “distributable” build

The latest known build, which can be downloaded and run without issues launching is 4.0.3. Again this version is not really supported anymore.