Re-Prioritizing duplicates

dupeGuru tries to automatically determine which duplicate should go in each group’s reference position, but sometimes it gets it wrong. In many cases, clever dupe sorting with « Delta Values » and « Dupes Only » options in addition to the « Make Selected into Reference » action does the trick, but sometimes, a more powerful option is needed. This is where the Re-Prioritization dialog comes into play. You can summon it through the « Re-Prioritize Results » item in the « Actions » menu.

This dialog allows you to select criteria according to which a reference dupe will be selected in each dupe group. The list of available criteria is on the left and the list of criteria you’ve selected is on the right.

A criteria is a category followed by an argument. For example, « Size (Highest) » means that the dupe with the biggest size will win. « Folder (/foo/bar) » means that dupes in this folder will win. To add a criterion to the rightmost list, first select a category in the combobox, then select a subargument in the list below, and then click on the right pointing arrow button.

The order of the list on the right is important (you can re-order items through drag & drop). When picking a dupe for reference position, the first criterion is used. If there’s a tie, the second criterion is used and so on and so on. For example, if your arguments are « Size (Highest) » and then « Filename (Doesn’t end with a number) », the reference file that will be picked in a group will be the biggest file, and if two or more files have the same size, the one that has a filename that doesn’t end with a number will be used. When all criteria result in ties, the order in which dupes previously were in the group will be used.